DATE: 2021-09-24
AO: Burg
Q: Mater
PAX: Flame, Supertramp, Bail, Sparkler

et the timer for 2 minutes. Exercises to be done are:

50 Kraken Burpees (3 hand release merkins to a burpee = 1)
50 BDE burpees (burpee, to a Bonnie Blair/jumping lunge (1 on each leg), to a squat = 1) 50 Bonnie Blairs/Jumping Lunge (right leg-left leg= 1).
Workout starts at the cone. Start the timer. Begin 50 kraken burpees. When timer goes off, sprint to the other cone that is 50 yards away and continue with Kraken Burpees. For example, if you did 8 kraken burpees before the timer went off, when you get to the opposite cone, you start counting with the number 9. This continues until you finish all 50 kraken burpees.

After finishing 50 Kraken Burpees, run one lap (400 meters).

Upon completing 400 meters and returning to the cones, begin 50 BDE burpees. Same procedure as above. When you return, you start doing the BDE Burpees right away and when the timer goes off, you run to the other cone. You DO NOT have to wait for the next timer to go off when you return to start the BDE Burpees.

After finishing 50 BDE Burpees, run two laps (800 meters).

Upon completing 800 meters and returning to the cones, begin 50 Bonnie Blairs/Jumping Lunges (right leg-left leg = 1). When you return, you start doing the Bonnie Blairs/Jumping Lunges right away and when the timer goes off, you run to the other cone. You DO NOT have to wait for the next timer to go off when you return to start the Bonnie Blairs/Jumping Lunges.

After finishing 50 Bonnie Blairs/Jumping lunges, run three laps (1200 meters). You are done after completing 3 laps.

MARY: he forgave us again.

Have a good weekend.

Reading from Shield Lock Q1.7
Man hunts best in a pack

Eyes to the side have the animals that hide. Eyes up front have the animals that hunt.

Man’s eyes are up front. We are hunters not hiders. In fact, we are the apex predator of the Earth’s apex predators. But unlike the other hunters, our success is not based upon strength, speed or the size of our fangs. It is our ability to hunt together in a very complex way that puts man at the very top of the food chain. No other animal can do that.

Some animals, like wolves, do hunt in packs because they have evolved to be more successful that way. But their focus is solely on their prey, what they can see before them with their eyes up front. When they claim their prey it is distributed along a vertical pecking order starting with the alpha male of the pack.

The man-pack hunts differently. Instead of focusing solely on his prey, a man also works cooperatively with other men in the pack to see what might be behind him. He recognizes that his eyes up front can only see from 9 through 12 to 3 o’clock. He is blind to his Six unless another man watches it for him. After all, what good is the hunt if the hunter himself is taken by something that sneaks up on him from a place that he, by himself, cannot observe? No man can see his own Six.

Having hunted as a part of a Team, man also distributes the catch that way. Instead of a vertical distribution driven by status, man shares the bounty horizontally, in recognition of the value each Member brings to the overall success of the effort. The man who watches the Six is just as important as the one who throws the spear.

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