Mixed Nuts

DATE: 2022-02-09
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Old Bay
PAX: Kodiak, Poe, 2 percent, vplaxico, Mr Haand, Undertow, Maj. Payne, Lazlo, Faceplant, 3 mile, sticks, Fish Fry, Mayberry, Magoo, Disco FNGs: Vlasic DR from Alabama, Attaché
Little Bitty Arm Circles
Michael Phelps
Don Quixote
Willie Mays Hayes
Cherry Pickers

Beatdown 1: Coupons baby!

Coupon Lunge – 10
Coupon Two Handed Row – 20
Merkin w/ Coupon – 20
Coupon Squat – 20
Coupon Overhead Press – 20

Beatdown 2: Half Soccer Field

Wilt Chamberlain’s –

Run Court – 100 LBCs
Run Court- 100 squats
Run Court – 50 flutter kicks (in cadence)
Run Court – 100 Reverse Crunches

Beatdown 3: WonderWall

Balls To the Wall – Toy Soldiers – 20
London Bridge – 10
Wall Tricep Merkin – 10
Wall Sit Seal Claps – 10
Wall Sit Seal Claps (lower) – 10
Wall Sit Seal Claps (even lower) – 10
Wall LBC – 100

Beatdown 4: Coupons Baby!

20 KB Swing
20 Coupon Squats
20 curls
10 big boy situps w/ coupon
60 coupon presses

Mary: PAX Choice

Magoo – Bird Dogs
FacePlant – Nolan Ryans – 50 in cadence
Vlasic – Pickle Pounders
2 Percent – Breakdancers


Feb 19 – ARC
Feb 26 – Burden Run – Olympus
Feb 26 – Polar Bear Plunge – Donate and/or Join Fish Fry & Old Bay


I’ve fallen further down the F3 “not a cult” rabbit hole by listening to the podcast. I’m a few weeks behind but a topic was PAX being more open/real in COTs

For me, I’ve been struggling with having a short temper with my kids, triggering to easily off little things when the routines go off the rails, eating dinner, bedtime, getting ready for school, or just not listening.

I don’t have solution, I want to be a better dad, and I guess the first step, like AA, is admitting there is an issue and by talking about it w/ PAX it brings a level of awareness and accountability (much like sticking to the exercise routine).

So I brought it up today, to both hold myself accountable for failing and falling short of my goal, being a good/better dad, and for my PAX bro’s to also hold me accountable (“hey, are you still being a jerk dad or doing better this week?”).


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