A buffet of Abs, merkins, legs and more!

DATE: 2022-02-08
AO: General
Q: Booking
PAX: Traveler, Trolley, Lazlo, petro, Toolbox, Jenner, Snowflake (F3 JeffCo), fist pump, Fairweather, 2 percent, Faceplant FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSHx20, Windmills x20, Cherry Pickersx20, Down Dog, Monkey Humpers x20, Worlds Greatest Stretch
THE THANG: mosey to steps for Step Ups x 40 each side, dips, elevated merkins- mosey back to field: Station 1- Arms x20
Round 1 Merkins
Round 2 Hand Release Merkins
Round 3: Shoulder Taps
Round 4 Diamond Merkins
Round 5: Carolina Dry Docks
Round 6: Toy Soldiers

Various bear crawls, duck walk, crawl bear, karaoke,Frankenstein etc to next station

Station 2- abs x 20
Round 1: body weight squats
Round 2: Big Boi sit ups
Round 3: LBC
Round 4: Protractor
Round 5: heels to heaven
Round 6: WWI

After round 2 run 1/4 mile- completed 1.25 miles
MARY: Penguin toe taps, flutter kicks, etc
ANNOUNCEMENTS: See 3rd F Chanel for opportunity to donate used clothes also see 2% who is coordinating a drop off to Freestate
COT: “you often feel tired not because you’ve done too much but because you’ve done too little of what sparks a light in you” Find something to do fir yourself that makes you happy, in return it makes daily tasks less tiring… F3 in the morning sets the tone for the day and enables you to be better husband, father, boss, employee etc

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