Murph prep*

DATE: 2022-02-23
AO: Compound
Q: citrus
PAX: El Camino, Roddick, Hightower, Jag, Popeyes, Zeus, Faceplant, Monk, Booking, 2 percent, Yardbird FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH (until the last pax finally posted), cherry pickers, WMH, IW, hillbillies, down dog, cobra kai

THE THANG: Bricky Bobby to the center of Mosaic for 125 step-ups, as a group. Burpee Bricky Bobby to the underground lair for Deck of Death. After a brief magic trick by YHC – circle up, and PAX take turns pulling a card and leading the group through that number of the corresponding exercise: ♥️ = burpees, ♠️ = squats (with the Bricky Bobby weight for the card-puller), ♦️= merkins, and ♣️ = pull-ups. 4 of any suit is a fellowship lap and any 7 is a Ricky Bobby lap. Aces, of course, are 14 reps.

YHC’s intent here was to start preparing the PAX for the Murph, usually done over Memorial Day weekend. We don’t do a lot of pullups here, so seemed like a good time to start. We did three. Not “3 cards, so like 25-30 reps”. Three reps. One person pulled a club, and it was the 3 of clubs.

They say the best time to plant a shade tree was 20 years ago, but the second best time is right now. So…start training on pullups OYO!

MARY: big boy sit-ups, flutter kicks, penguins, and LBCs

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Nifty, nifty, Hightower’s FIFTY (RESPECT!) – join at Glory Days in Burke at 7p TONIGHT; Murph and family picnic Memorial Day weekend.

COT: Old Bay had a great COT two weeks ago, and I doubled down on it. Read it here:

I’m not posting what I shared, because Internet, but sharing my struggles and weaknesses with this supportive group helps me admit and own them, which is a huge step toward addressing them – and I appreciate all of you for that.

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