Lumbergh’s VQ

DATE: 2023-05-26
AO: Farm
Q: Lumbergh
PAX: Infinity, Sparky, Matthew – Running Man
FNGs: None

Side Straddle Hops
Beet Pickers
Arm Circles
Calf Raises
Jog Around the field


Merkins x15
Lunges – 30 meters – OYO
SSH – 30
Squats – 30
Bear Crawls – 30 meters – OYO
SSH – 30

Wall Sits -30 seconds
15 Carolina Dry Docks
20 bench step-ups (same leg)
15 dips
LBCs – 25
Squats x 30
Mountain Climbers – 20

MARY: starfish crunches, dying cockroaches, Superman fonzi

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Monday’s workout will be at 7

COT: story of a farmer and about our impact despite not being perfect….
A farmer had two kids that he would ask them to daily to go down to the stream to get water for his farm. One of the boys was tall and strong and would never spill a drop. The other was small and skinny and would splash and pour water out as he walked. He would often have to take 2-3 trips each day just to get the same amount of water as his brother. He was sad that he wasn’t contributing as much as his brother and felt useless. Upon learning that his son was sad the farmer asked him to join him on a walk. They walked the same path as always but as they walked the farmer point out all the wonderful life the sprung up around them – beautiful flowers, young trees, lush grass. The farmer noted that his was responsible for all of this beauty – if hadn’t spilt water every day the plants would not have grown. The son released that despite his flaws – he still helped those around him grow even when he wasn’t aware of it

We have more impact then you know. Don’t focus on our flaws and recognize the value we bring. Don’t let pursuit of perfect get in the way of serving your purpose.

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