4-Count Fever

DATE: 2023-05-26
AO: Patriot
Q: bogey
PAX: Jenner, Anchorman, Big Short, Bone, Lazlo, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Wedding Singer, Booking, CableGuy, Legacy, My Space, 2 percent, citrus, Flipper, Ice Tea, Jag, Smokey, Strange Brew, Sunshine, Vila FNGs: Trunks
WARMUP: SSH, Hillbillies, Michael Phelps, Strawberry Pickers, WMH, Down Dog, Cobra Kai

THE THANG: 4 rounds of 3 exercises at 12-reps IC each, run a lap between each round. Mental health stats shared before each round.

Fellowship Lap

Round 1
12 Merkins
12 Copperhead squats
12 WW IIs
Run a Lap

Round 2
12 Merkin Jacks
12 Imperial Squat Walkers
12 Box Cutters
Run a Lap

Round 3
12 Knerkins/Chuck Norris
12 Monkey Humpers
12 Toy Soldiers
Run a Lap

Round 4:
12 T-Merkins
12 No Surrenders
12 WW IIs

Burpees, Bearcrawls and Batwings:
5 burpees, Bearcrawl to the 50yd line, jog back to goal line, 5 burpees, Bearcrawl to the 30yd line, backpedal to goal line, 5 burpees, Bearcrawl to the 15yd line, Crawlbear back to goal line

MARY: Bat Wings (all IC) – hold arms up until recover. 20 LBACs forward, hold for 1x 10-count, 20 LBAC’s reverse, hold for 2x 10 count, 20 seal claps, hold for 3x 10 count, 20 overhead claps, hold for 4x 10 count. Recover

ANNOUNCEMENTS: June 21 Alzheimer’s awareness/fundraiser (see Jag), June 17 regional convergence for 5th year anniversary, Bone’s friend KIA in Ukraine, Dad’s camp

COT: Being vulnerable is courageous. Much of YHCs life was spent hiding true feelings and ignoring pain. The feeling of shame kept me from opening up to others. My relationships were suffering for it. But shame thrives in the dark. By speaking out, opening up and being vulnerable to others, a man can beat shame.

YHC thanked the PAX for their support and pointed out with conviction that each was being vulnerable and courageous for showing up to a 5:30am beatdown and being held accountable for it, courageous for stepping up to lead a Q, for creating and executing a CSAUP, and for sharing during COT in front of their brothers in the gloom.

Being vulnerable is not easy. It takes practice. F3 provides a safe space for us to be vulnerable.
The hard part is taking what we learn and experience here in the gloom…to the outside world.

YHC encourages each of the PAX to share more of themselves with those you love and trust. YHC challenges each of the PAX to continue their courageous journey with F3, to grow within F3 by forming their own Shield Lock, and by taking their courage outside the safety of F3 to others who also need help – to our families, our friends, and our communities.

You may find that by doing so, you not only help yourself, you may also be helping another by paving the way for them to open up and be vulnerable too.

F3 is strengthening me. I know it. And I believe it’s also strengthening you.

Resources mentioned during the beatdown:

Stats regarding mental health and its effects on our community, especially for men (borrowed from “Mental Battle WOD 2023”):


More on Shield Lock:


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