Notta car in sight

DATE: 2023-05-22
AO: Mondaynightruckers
Q: Stewie
PAX: Raven, Dropkick, Jetstream, Tron, Phaedrus
FNGs: None
WARMUP: nope
THE THANG: From the lot, took a deep dive into the evening Gloom surrounding Silver Lake. Sandbag swap on the mile, but Dropkick especially enjoyed being under load and brought her home for the final 2miles like a boss! The Q is now contemplating the need for more sandbags. MARY: nope
-Murph next week!
-2.0 beatdown resched tbd once everyone gets back into town to discuss. -Watch the channel for a Saturday ruck in Sky Meadows, sometime in June. COT:
Words of wisdom and prayers.

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