If it’s Monday in May, we’re doing merkins

DATE: 2023-05-22
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Obadiah
PAX: Disco, 3 mile, SPINAL TAP, Trifecta, Yardbird, Magoo, Purple Rain, Mr Haand, vplaxico, Jag, Gherkin, Kodiak FNGs: Attaché, blart
WARMUP: between each exercise an increasing number of merkins 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19

SSH (2), imperial walkers, hillbillies, Don Quixote’s, cherry pickers, down dog, cobra Kai, jump squats THE THANG: Merkins – lots of them
1. Round of 8: 1 PAX doing 8 merkins, everyone else doing squats.
2. Lined up on touch line in forward leaning rest position, first PaX does Merkin, next to Him does a Merkin, runs to other end of line, repeats so line moves down the touch line. Up and back. 3). Rickie Bobby run with last Pax doing a Merkin
4). 11s to the 18 yard box line. 10 Merkins/bear crawl/1 bbs/run back; 9/2, 8/3 etc to 1/10. 5). Mary interspersed with 10 Merkins – lbcs, flutterkicks, jlo

MARY: see above
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 5/24 NanTano deal at Solace 7pm; 5/25 Gospel of Mark study at Anchorman’s house
COT: Morality has to trump legality. If all we do is what is legal we will do the minimum. Our world needs men who will do what is morally right, not just legally right. Q used the example of Boaz who had a loose legal obligation to marry Ruth, but who was compelled by his conscience to go much further for what was right and in so doing protected the line of King David. Be men of outstanding moral character.

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