Decisive Victory

DATE: 2023-05-18
AO: Olympus
Q: Hightower
PAX: Rambler, Doodles, Zeus, Hoolihan, Peanuts, Flapjack, Monte Karlo, Pop Fly FNGs: None
Lots of stretching and warming up our legs

Fellowship jog off campus, heading towards Lake Braddock, turned into Ricky Bobby.
First stop: 2 groups. Group 1 (20) dips on low wall, Group 2 (20) merkins. Swap and repeat. Fellowship jog around to enter Lake Braddock trail.
Second stop, 2 groups: Group 1 (10) pull ups, Group 2 (10) high knee step ups. Swap and repeat.
Ricky Bobby around the lake, stopping at Earth Dam. Here we set up for individual sprints across the dam, first with 3 burpees, one PAX at a time.
Fellowship jog to next playground for Stop 3. 2 groups, Group 1 (10) pull ups or hang for 10 seconds. Group 2 (10) high knee step up. Swap and repeat. Continue Ricky Bobby around the lake all the way back to campus.

Quick round (50) LBC’s.

Regional 2F, Weds 5/24 in Falls Church
Memorial Day Murph
Dad’s Camp

Sharing recent Jocko podcast topic, Decisive Victory.

1 side/team/person overwhelming victory
Sounds great, something everyone wants, right?

Be careful of seeking that type of victory in life, is this really what’s called for? All the time?

Do you need decisive victory over your M, your kids, your family, co-workers? Does that do more harm than good?

Rather, Long term strategic thinking, find the Win Win.
How can win without least amount of negative impact? What minimum force can just to win?

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