Week 3: Quinn Brenton WOD

DATE: 2023-05-17
AO: Compound
Q: Pop Fly
PAX: Hightower, Roddick, Poe, citrus, Popeyes, Peanuts, Zeus, Doodles, Monte Karlo FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, WMHs, Lunges, Merkins, World’s Greatest Stretch, Down Dog

Week 3: Quinn Brenton WOD
5 Rounds Total
(a) 50 yd Bear Crawl
(b) 50 yd Standing Broad-Jumps
(b.1) Perform 3 Burpees after every 5 Broad-Jumps
(c) 20x SSH (IC)

Part 2:
a) Squats to Flower by Moby (solid recommendation by Poe)
b) 100x Calf Raises

MARY: 70 seconds of sit-ups

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 2ndF event coming up to honor the Nantan-o, Dad’s Camp (there is a sign up sheet) and the Bone-a-thon

COT: Q talked about how (1) the easiest way to marginalize something is to give it its own month. Because after that month, you move on and celebrate another month. Every month should be mental health month if it’s important enough to us. We spent a little time on the obfuscation of language and what that means to us as men – how when we hide behind words and syllables, it makes it easy to hide what’s going on with us and lose track of what we really are trying to say or share. Don’t fail victim to the obfuscation of what’s going on inside you

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