This Turf, This Plot, This…Horizon

DATE: 2023-05-15
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Disco
PAX: Kodiak, Magoo, 3 mile, Brown Bag, Median, Mr Haand, Poe, Purple Rain, The Commish, Trifecta, vplaxico FNGs: Attaché, Blart
WARMUP: Abe Vigoda, Rockettes, Moroccan NC, M Phelps, C Picker:WMH, D Dog/C Kai/Child’s Pose/OYO THE THANG:
Round the Track Lap 1: lunge Walk, Merkin, Bear Crawl, Knerkins, Lunge Walk, Derkins, Walk, HR Merkins, Frankensteins, Diamond Merkins
RtheT 2: Squat Jumps, Frankensteins, T stabilizers, Lunge Walk Rickey Bobby, Bobby Hurleys, Skips Onthe Turf: Catch me if you can, Carioca, Yves Poll, Suicides. Repeat.
12 minutes of MARY: flutters, LBCs, f Mercury, crossover LBCs, am hammer, body saw ANNOUNCEMENTS: Boneathon. Murph. Dad’s Camp. 5 Year Convergence.
COT: Environmental Action Minute: Hardworking PAX picked up water bottles/clothes/trash from Sunday soccer etc. Fade-out shot: Native American actor looks at pickup of cleared artificial turf with a tear in his eye. Deer prance off under an only-at-Horizon sunrise.

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