Campus tour with coupons

DATE: 2023-05-15
AO: Patriot
Q: Big Short
PAX: CableGuy, bogey, Anchorman, Smokey, Lucius, My Space, Strange Brew, Ice Tea, Lazlo, Wedding Singer FNGs: Bubbles, Villa
WARMUP: The standard routine, followed by a fellowship lap.

THE THANG: PAX divide into three groups. Each group performs three sets of exercises around the YHS campus. Starting in the end zone:
– 50 shoulder presses, 50 LBCs, 25 coupon curls, then shuffle to the other end zone.
– 50 merkins, 50 WWIs, 25 coupon curls, then over the fence and shuffle to the dugout.
– 50 atlas shrugs, 50 shoulder taps, 25 coupon curls, then shuffle to the basketball court.
– 50 coupon squats, 50 flutter kicks, 25 coupon curls, then shuffle to the main entrance.
– 50 dips, 50 calf raises, 25 curls, then shuffle back to the football field …. Sometimes in rifle carry mode.

MARY: toy soldiers, dirty dogs and donkeys kicks.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: HAPPY HOUR at Solace in Falls Church coming up soon (May 24?). Boneathon.

COT: Q shared a story of a triumph: a young man who had serious mental health challenges, but learned to deal with them and now, at age 26, is about to graduate with a BA from a prestigious university.

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