Still in my prime (numbers)

DATE: 2023-05-12
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Fish Fry
PAX: 3 mile, Pop Fly, Median, Yardbird, Gherkin, Kodiak, Mr. Hand, Disco, Magoo FNGs: Blart, Attache’
WARMUP: IWs, Michael Phelps, Hillbillies, Mountain Man Poopers, Root pickers, Downward Dog, World’s Greatest Stretch-Hamstring Stretch-Pigeon Pose progression THE THANG:
YHC, in true geezer fashion, regaled his captive audience with stories from his life. All events and exercises were based upon prime number years:

3 horse squats in honor of my grandfather who was the type that would tell you that you could do anything you set your mind to, and he had me riding my first horse at 3.

5 donkey kicks due to one of my first memories of seeing the underside of a mule after my father put the tail of a mule I was riding on a hot barbed wire fence. I still don’t know how I survived being bucked off and under the mule with no injuries.

7 jump squats for when my younger cousin Wendy fell in the snow when trying to jump the same juniper bush my cousin and I did. As a result, we had to spend the whole day outside while she stayed inside being comforted. Life is not always fair.

11 diamond merkins for the end of my baseball career due to having a type of dual vision.

13 wrist curls like the ones I used to do when I started playing tennis.

17 mountain climbers for all the stairs and hills I climbed while going to the Governor’s School for the Sciences at the University of Tennessee.

19 broad jumps like the one I did to jump 100 feet into water while quarry diving with some buddies in college

A bear crawl around the 18 to commemorate moving to Baltimore at age 23 to work.

27 chest presses in homage to the Geezers weight lifting team, a bunch of old guys I worked out with a Ft. Meade. They don’t seem so old now.

29 foot release squats for all the trips I took to Chile with my wife to visit home once we got through the immigration process.

31 briefcase carry to midfield and back for when I worked as an investigator for the Appropriations Committee and carried a briefcase to all meetings.

37 Atlas shrugs for lifting up 2 young kids at age 37.
A lap around the field for when I did my first half marathon at age 41

43 toe taps IC to commemorate coaching both my kids soccer teams through ADP.

47 SSHs IC for my first F3 workout at Oympus with @hightower

Murder bunnies for 53 yards as training using a walker in old age.

They just don’t make workouts like they used to.

MARY: Jefferson curls with coupon, Bennifers, flutter kicks, LBCs ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dads camp, Boneathon, Murph, Convergence in June at Patriot
COT: A brief explanation of the theme of using prime numbers since I’m technically still in my prime at 53. Gratitude for being able to workout with everyone for another year.

Speaking to mental health awareness month, a lesson learned that is freeing to be able to talk about mental health like physical health, and to be comfortable talking with someone or about your own mental therapy like it was physical therapy.

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