Life is not fight club

DATE: 2023-05-12
AO: Patriot
Q: Roadkill
PAX: 2 percent, 9-Lives, Anchorman, Big Short, bogey, Brown Bag, CableGuy, citrus, Elvis, Flipper, Ice Tea, Langston, Lazlo, Legacy, Lucius, Maguire, Old Bay, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Short Rib, Smokey, Strange Brew, Sunshine, Wallace, Wedding Singer FNGs: @Villa
WARMUP: SSH, IW/HB, CP/WMH, DD/CK, World’s Greatest Stretch
THE THANG: Following a fellowship lap, PAX traveled around the school by a combination of lung walk, bear crawl, crab walk, high knees, and butt kickers. PAX gathered for exercises to include Merkins by Big Short, Calf Raises by Short Rib, Step Ups by Citrus, Dips by Anchorman, Deep Squats/Derkins rotation by Wedding Singer, Shoulder Tap/Mountain Climber by Cable Guy, Everest Step by Lucius, Mountain Man Pooper by Lazlo, and Burpees by Ice Tea.
MARY: Finished off with LBCs by Maguire, Nolan Ryan’s by 2 Percent, and Superman’s by Elvis.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dad’s Camp, Boneathon, The Murph all coming up, check your channels.
COT: With thanks to Bogey for leading a focus on mental health awareness this month, PAX were encouraged to talk about what’s going on in their lives and build trust and depth in our friendships before you need them. Being a friend involves helping, but also asking and accepting help. Sharing with someone what might be troubling you can build a foundation for when the bigger challenges in life hit, and the process of opening up creates an opportunity for both parties to learn and acknowledge we are not alone.

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