The Balls of York/Leeroy Jenkin

DATE: 2023-05-10
AO: Patriot
Q: Legacy
PAX: Bone, Lucius, CableGuy, bogey, Ice Tea, Short Rib, Langston, 2 percent, Lazlo, Strange Brew FNGs: Bubbles
WARMUP: SSH, Imp Walker, Hill Billy, Itty Bitty AC, Michael Phelps, Cherry Picker, Willy Mays Hayes, Down Dog, WGS
THE THANG: Fellowship Lap, 20 merkins, the 3x bear crawl to the 10 from the goal line, run to the 50. Then: The Balls of York, lots of rules, Leroy Jenkins variation, won’t get in to the score, the important point was that all teams were made to feel miserable–most PAX called LJ–resulting in a total of around 60 burpees for the workout MARY: none
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sandlot will be at 0630 this coming Saturday; Boneathon, you can run any distance, see channel for details. Murph out at GMU on the Monday of Memorial Day weekend
COT: Joining in the Q’s for Mental Health Awareness Month, I have these leadership points for working through mental health issues: 1) Exercise (not an optional nice thing–it is essential); Fellowship (do not be locked in that house 24/7; your job is probably not going to cut it either); 3) FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE; Focusing on the positive IS NOT denial–but you have to be careful, because Denial is a cousin of Focusing on the Positive: IF YOU HANG WITH THE HIMs of F3, we will keep you focused on the positive–but rooted in reality. Finally, an EH for my Patriot Brothers: please subscribe to the the Sandlot channel and monitor what is going on. Sandlot wants to be your Saturday morning workout choice! SYITG!

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