Run 10% Faster

DATE: 2023-05-10
AO: Compound
Q: Poe
PAX: Monte Karlo, Peloton, Roddick, citrus, Yardbird, Obadiah, Booking, Doodles, Popeyes FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, IW, 1 burpee, Michael Phelps, 1 burpee, cherry pickers, WMH, 1 burpee, down dog, WGS, mosey 1 lap

THE THANG: start on end line -> 10 copper head merkins -> stroll to midline -> 10 CH merkins -> mosey to other endline -> 10 CH merkins -> run at 30% effort to midline -> 10 CH merkins -> etc increasing 10% till 100% rinse and repeat with CH squats, then with big boy situps
5 minute game of half field soccer, finished at 1-0
MARY: side plank dips, supermans, ring of fire with 1 merkin then run around circle

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Memorial Day murph, HH May 24, Dad’s Camp June 2, likely convergence workout 6/17 at Patriot

COT: YHC traveled 100 days a year for 20 years and stopped at COVID. Just took first business trip this week after 3 years of none. Forgot how inconvenience it is and how much I appreciated the time with my family the last couple year. Enjoy every minute!

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