I spent longer thinking about this title than the beatdown

DATE: 2023-05-04
AO: Highlands
Q: Toolbox
PAX: Hard Knox, Trolley, Katniss
FNGs: DR PAX Hothead and OG Kickstand
WARMUP: ssh, windmills, tempo squats, j Lo’s, and some other stuff I can’t remember
THE THANG: mosey to Costco parking garage, stairs to top floor, lunge walk across, side lunge walk back, back lunges. 10 s on 20 off for chest work out 5 exercises 4 rounds each before moving to next exercise no breaks. run down the ramp sprint across, repeato to the ground floor and mosey back to Highlands field for Mary
MARY: a variety of ab exercises including but not limited to flutter kicks, big boy up ups uphill, heels to heaven modified, and a weird rendition of New York New York with some crab kicks or something. ANNOUNCEMENTS: nighthawk Friday afternoon for xl departing, murph memorial day COT: “You didn’t come this far just to come this far”

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