Disc golf and tire flips

DATE: 2023-05-04
AO: Olympus
Q: Doodles
PAX: Peanuts, Zeus, Flapjack, Battleship
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, arm circles, cherry pickers, down dog and world’s greatest stretch, high knees, karaoke, Super Mario’s. Fellowship lap. THE THANG:
pax played disc golf on the turf field. wherever disc fell that yardage determined exercise and number of reps. The following exercises were used at the corresponding yard markers. 10 – Burpees
20 – Fox Holes
30 – Alabama Ass Kickers
40 – Mike Tyson’s
50 – Lunges
60 – Carolina Dry Docks
70 – Air Squats
80 – Plank Jacks
90 – SSH
100 – sprint 100 yds and back
Penalty of 10 Burpees if out of bounds and Tire flips when disc landed on the Bear logo or yardage numbers. PAX completed 30-40 yards or so of tire flips trading partners as we went. MARY: yes we did.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: May challenge
COT: Q gave story of disappointment with in family recently. As leaders of our family, work or community we also lead by how we respond when expectations are not met. How we respond with grace and forgiveness towards others in our flock is just as much leadership than getting everything right.

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