Soft Opening

DATE: 2023-04-26
AO: Apollo
Q: Bluegrass
PAX: Juneau, Obadiah
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Cherry Pickers, Willy Mays Hays, more stretching and a mosey
THE THANG: Accomplish as a 2-man team – one runs/one does the work, swap and keep running count for the team 100 Burpees
90 squats
80 SSH (4 count)
70 American hammer (4 count)
60 Bonnie Blair’s (2 count)
50 Big Boys
All together as a group with mosey in between.
40 Merkins
30 dips
20 flutter kicks
10 double merkin burpees
MARY: Freddy Mercury, butterfly sit-ups, LBC
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Apollo opens 3 May 5:30-6:15 at Hayfield Secondary School, dads camp, Murph prep
COT: you can’t be your best at everything, all the time. Prioritize closest measurable (test, eval, family schedule, important event) and focus your energy to peak on that thing. BE OK with other priorities slipping back a little. There will be time to refocus as each key event passes.

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