UB circle-up by the Swiftboat… and a quasi “Fight Gone Bag”

DATE: 2023-04-25
AO: Atlantis
Q: Hammerhead
PAX: Infinity, Deflator, Chuck Taylor, Grease Monkey
FNGs: “Big Short” (Murray Clay, older bro of @Infinity)
WARMUP: 16 reps on honor of TB record by Adolis Garcia Sat 4.22 (Tex vs A’s, 3 Dingers and 2 Doubles) 16 SSH Squares
16 Arm Circles
16 Square Hops
16 No Surrenders (running joke is I kept calling these Take No Prisoners) 16 Cherry Pickers
16 Fwd Lunges
16 Rev Lunges
16 Elevator Merkins

1-Indian Run Mosey down to Swiftboat for Chain Dips, Ammo Can Plyo-pushups, 10# DB Reverse Curls, 5# DB Triceps Extensions and Biceps Curls with 14# Ammo Can

2-Picked up two Sandbags and Shuffled to 11th Street Bridge for “Fight Gone Bag …”Unter Der Bruecke” version): 45sec Ammo Can Shots (14#)
45sec SDHP w/2×20# sandbags
45sec Ammo Can Push Press (25#)
45sec Step Ups
45sec I-Beam Pullups
(only had time for 1 out of 3 rounds)

MARY: Outta Time

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Use the F3 utility called QSignups for taking the Q

COT: A large part of Lealadership is about setting the example and using time constructively (once lost time can never be regained!)

This day in 1915: On April 25, 1915, a week after Anglo-French naval attacks on the Dardanelles end in dismal failure, the Allies launch a large-scale land invasion of the Gallipoli Peninsula, a doomed operation that would serve as a great lesson learned for the many amphibious assaults of WWII and the Korean War.

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