Bogey Birthday Q (BBQ) Celebration

DATE: 2023-04-21
AO: Patriot
Q: bogey
PAX: Mackerel, Big Short, Strange Brew, Lucius, CableGuy, Lazlo, Booking, citrus, Wedding Singer, sticks, Elvis, My Space, Major Payne, Jenner, Smokey, Roadkill, Bone, 2 percent, XL, Sunshine, Maguire, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Legacy FNGs: Tea Party, Messy
WARMUP: SSH, Hillbillies, IWs, MPs, Cherry Pickers, WMH, Down Dog, Kobra Kai, Fellowship Lap

THE THANG: Line up on goal line
100yd “sprint”, 53 air presses, “sprint” return
90yd backpedal, 53 T-merkins, backpedal return
80yd karaoke, 53 LBCs, karaoke return
70yd butt kickers, 53 shoulder taps IC, bk’s return
60yd high knees, *54 dirty dogs (27 ea leg…*bonus!), hk’s return 53yd bear crawl, 53 flutter kicks IC, jog return
40yd forward lunges, 53 calf raises, forward lunge return
30yd reverse lunge (sanctioned or not!), 53 squats, reverse lunge return 20yd crawl bear, *54 Nolan Ryans, (27 ea side…*bonus!)
10yd jog, 20 burpees (4 PAX called 5 burpees each)

MARY: Bat Wings – hold arms up until Recover
20 LBACs IC forward
20 LBACs IC reverse + 1x 10-count
20 Seal Claps IC + 2x 10-count
20 Overhead Claps IC + 1x 10-count

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Boneathon May 20, car jackings in Navy Yard – be aware and leave yourself some space to maneuver, The Murph

COT: A birthday can be a time for reflection upon the prior year. Q noted it has been one of the most difficult of his life, including taking his 13-yo to a wilderness therapy program, and seeing the hard work that lies ahead. At the same time, YHC noted one of the highlights of the last year was finding F3 (June ‘22, @MySpace EH) which has helped him get through the difficult times. Also noting his thanks to his F3 brothers for being there for him, and committing to paying it forward for his F3 brothers. Final note of gratitude and thanks for his F3 brothers. Thank you!

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