Sorts like Spring Break…

DATE: 2023-04-05
AO: Patriot
Q: My Space
PAX: Ice Tea, My Space, Wedding Singer, citrus, Pop Fly
FNGs: DR — Five Putt
WARMUP: the normal + Thunderstruck Burpees
THE THANG: Partner workout AMRAP:
RD 1:
20 YD Run (jog back) (Mercans)
40 YD Run (jog back) (squat jumps)
60 YD Run (jog back) (shoulder taps)
80 YD Run (jog back) (burpees)
100 YD Run (jog back (burpees)
RD 2:
20 YD crab walk (jog back) (plank)
40 YD bear crawl (jog back) (Mercans)
60 YD long jumps (jog back) (squats)
80 YD frog walk (jog back) (calf raises)
100 YD bear crawl (jog back) (all together)
40 walking burpees
MARY: stretching
ANNOUNCEMENTS: dad camp, Murph, Boneathon, 4th of July, and Christmas.
COT: the previous night I went to my first Iftar (dinner for breaking of the fast during Ramadan). During the Holy week, you have Ramadan, Passover, Good Friday and Easter. In talking with my Muslim and Jewish friends at this Iftar, it was striking how similar and closely related all of these religions really are. Our culture and society have us run to differences and faults of others. Instead, try and focus on finding similarities. It feels a lot better and is much more productive. And he’ll, you just might learn something (I did).

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