Catch Me If You Can…burpee

DATE: 2023-04-06
AO: Highlands
Q: Hard Knox
PAX: Jag, Toolbox
FNGs: 5Putt (Chicago)
WARMUP: SSH, overhead press, LBAC, seal clap, Michael Phelps, imperial Walker, cherry picker, Willy Mayes Hayes, downward Dog, worlds greatest stretch THE THANG: DORA
– 50 burpees, 75 ww1s, 100 CDDs
– Run to 50, 3 squats, mosey back.

– Catch me if you can: 3 burpees + backwards run / 15 merkins and bear crawl / 25 squats and crab walk – Bleacher Games – irkin, dirkin, dip, offset merkins

MARY: – Flutter kick, Freddy Mercurys, little boat-big canoe

ANNOUNCEMENTS: MURCH (I think that’s the name)

COT: – The ruthless elimination of hurry.
– Connect with others in kindness and love, not just hurry.

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