Don’t drop the ball!

DATE: 2023-03-23
AO: Freestate
Q: Deagle
PAX: Butter, Dungeon Master (Amon), FIFA, Winston, Horshack, CashOnly FNGs: Mumford
SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hairy Rockets, Frankenstein, Alarm Clock, Shoulder Taps, High Knees, Windmills, Cherry Pickers

One does bear crawl and crab walk on the black top, then tries to shoot twice, while PAX does the exercise. For every miss, one burpee. • Carolina Dry Dock
• LBCs
• Squats
• Wide arm Merkins
• Monkey Humpers
• Mountain Climber
• Smurf Jacks
• High Plank
• Flutters
• Air Pushes

Don’t drop the ball!
PAX in a circle and passes a basketball without dropping it, 35 times. Rules: o Cannot pass to the one next to you
o Cannot return the ball to the one passed to you
o Catch/pass while jumping
Dropped the ball – one burpee for everyone

Reverse Crunches, Leg Lift Rosalita, the 100s, American Hammer, Protractor, Flutters



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