Final Four (there were six of us)

DATE: 2023-03-28
AO: Atlantis
Q: Hammerhead
PAX: Deflator, Infinity, Bone, Bratwurst
FNGs: one downranger from Ohio

Will Mays Warrior Hayes
Snow boarders
Speed skater jumps
Side to Side Jumps
Shuffle Shuffle Touches
Alternating Muscle Mens
Line Hops

The Thang:

Partner 90-60-30s

90s of Ball Merkins* while partner 3/6/9 Parking Space Suicides *both 2- point and 3- point options are in play

60s of partner Line Hops w/Ball while partner Tripple Jumps

Group Game: “Taps” with 30 Reps

(stoppage after each PAX is eliminated 3 times)

Mosey to the Dock
–>>Motivators and Bear Crawling

Mosey to the Swift Boat & Hustle Back

90 sec Cool-down:
Plank routine (45 sec Althernating shoulder following taps followed by 45 sec Alternating elbows/hands

20 May – Marathon (run/walk/bike) from the Arlington pad of @Bone

COT: whatever you Kudos, Cross or Crisis….give it up to God. our success is not our own, it should be attributed to Our Creator

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