Dealer’s Choice: Coupon or No Coupon

DATE: 2023-03-28
AO: Delphi
Q: Pop Fly
PAX: K-Pop, Ashe, Wham-O, Nano, Dunder, Peanuts, I-Beam, Doodles, Flapjack, Battleship FNGs: Battleship (counted above cuz he’s already up on Slack) COUNT: 11
WARMUP: mosey lap, SSHs, WMHs, world’s greatest stretch, cherry pickers, merkins

THE THANG: The Pax split into partners and grabbed one coupon

The Q how to set of exercise cards in two piles turned face down. when the cards were flipped over, one from pile one and one from pile two, the packs had to perform the exercises. The kicker was that one pax always had to be exercising with the coupon

Examples of pairings:
Buttkickers and Squats / Run 300yds and Merkins/ Bear Crawl and Freddie Mercury/ 100 Calf Raises and Squat Jumps.

The pax always had to decide what exercise to do with the coupon, and what exercise to do without the coupon…. Making for some interesting choices.

The Pax got an extra round in because the Q has a watch that tells time differently (and more slowly) than the clock at the naval observatory.

MARY: No time. The Q needs to reset his watch and he owes the Pax 5 minutes back at his next Q at Delphi.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dad’s Camp & Dolly Sods

COT: it’s the extra things of F3 that keep us coming back. we invite all our pax to avail themselves of the extra stuff that goes on within F3… whether it be a cornhole tournament or a ruck, or something else, these events create the bonds that make F3 a more fulfilling experience.

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