Monday Night Ruckers in The Deepest Woods

DATE: 2023-03-13
AO: Mondaynightruckers
Q: Rocketman
PAX: Stewie, Jetstream, Tron, Raven, Yellow Jacket, Lonestar FNGs: Scotch, Cheddar
THE THANG: 4.2 miles in the woods with three coupons to keep us company.


– 3/17: “Flyer Challege” – Passport challenged each of us to post #theaerie expansion flyer in at least one location before Friday’s beatdown. Write in the channel where you posted it for all to be aware.
– 3/18: Local area 5k / 1 mile fun (2023 Lucky Clover) run in Dominion Valley on 3/18, proceeds go to “Willing Warriors”. – March Book club: Freed to Lead, get your hands on the 2nd edition! – April: Kid friendly workout planned, details to come


Here are six common bad habits:

1. Conflict avoidance
2. Impulsiveness
3. Blame-shifting
4. Insisting on control
5. Perfectionism
6. Power hunger

My challenge to you is to pick one of these that bothers you the most and figure out one way to tackle this the next time that bad habit rears it’s ugly head.

Whoever trusts in his own mind is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom will be delivered. Proverbs 28:26

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