March Madness

DATE: 2023-03-14
AO: General
Q: Fairweather
PAX: 2 percent, Lazlo, citrus, Hard Knox, Traveler, Yardbird, Primanti, Toolbox FNGs: None
COUNT: 9, Welcome DR pax @primanti
WARMUP: SSH, Arm Circles, Phelps, Worlds greatest stretch, etc.
THE THANG: Pax circled up at midfield for a little F3 football. In cadence both teams (facing each other on opposing 45s) completed an exercise (starting with merkins- later Squats, SSH, Bonnie Blairs). At the end of cadence exercise “offense” bear crawled toward the Goal line while defense sprinted to opposite goal line and back to catch bear crawling pax and therefore restart with the offense and defense switched. Evens won 2-1.

March Madness battleship saw three teams completing exercises written on plates and tossed into another teams zone. At the end of the college fight song loser had Merkins. MARY: flutter kicks, Penguin crunches, planks
ANNOUNCEMENTS: grow ruck coming up
COT: Q reflected on attending now wheelchair-bound former soccer teammate’s wedding. Resilience and a positive attitude go a long way. Don’t get too caught up in life and don’t take today- March 14, 2023- for granted.

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