Introducing the Pi-song and the Pi-ramid workout

DATE: 2023-03-14
AO: Delphi
Q: Nano
PAX: Peanuts, Doodles, Glee, Juneau, K-Pop, Lightyear, Pop Fly, Rocket, YNAB, Nano FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, WMH, arm circles, windmills, Cherry pickers, Michael Phelps

THE THANG: (Brought to you in part by chat-GPT)
* Pi-song…arguably the strangest Kate Bush song ever…As soon as the music starts, the PAX run around the circle. * Any number that is sung for a long time means 3 burpees. * Once completed do:
1. Hand release merkins or
2. Air squats
3. Switch up each time after the burpees
* Continue until another number is sung (burpees) or words are sung (run in circle)

* Pi-ramid workout: Starting at a line and bear crawl 5 yards and crawl bear back then do * 3 Merkins
*Repeat the bear crawls and do
* 3 Merkins and
* 1 Burpee
*The pattern repeats with the following exercises:
* 3 Merkins
* 1 Burpee
* 4 Air Squats
* 1 Burpee
* 5 jump squats
* 9 Calf raises
* 2 Dry Docks
* 6 Forward lunges
* 5 jump squats
* 3 merkins
* 5 jump squats
* 8 big boy sit-ups
* 9 calf raises
* 7 SSH
* 9 calf raises<- Made it to here!
* 3 merkins
* 2 Dry Docks
* 3 merkins
* 8 big boy
* 4 Air squats

MARY: Just time for Big Boys

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Get yourself signed up for the GTE35 even if it is just the morning beat down!

COT: Routines are so important! Start working on you daily routines, to include how you treat yourself (workout/eat well), how you treat and respect your love ones, and those around you. Good routines can sound restrictive, but in fact they help free up your time and mind, allowing you to place more of your focus on the big things. The things that will move you and everyone around you forward.

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