The exact opposite of what I said I would do

DATE: 2023-03-11
AO: Olympus
Q: Doodles
PAX: Glee, Popeyes, citrus, Zeus, Ashe, Yard Sale, Booking, Roddick FNGs: 10-4 not FNG but not on slack
WARMUP: SSH, Michael Phelps, arm circles, cherry pickers, down dog, world’s greatest stretch, the windmill, then lined up on line and did the following 15yards and back: karaoke, soccer player hip swings backwards and forwards, Air Jordan skips (skip really high)

THE THANG: Mosey around the school stopping at 8 stations along the way to do the following: 10 burpees
20 shoulder taps
30 merkins
40 lunges
50 overhead presses
60 air squats
70 calf raises
80 seconds of Al Gore while Q fetched the frisbee.
Then played windy ultimate with a lot of burpees until the LAX team showed up.

MARY: flutter kicks, WW1s, dirty dog, American Hammers

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Happy hour next Thurs at 7pm, Tour of Annandale chicken shacks today at 12:30

COT: Almost thru winter. I started in October and F3 has gotten me thru winter. Thanks to all of you and thanks to @obadiah who asked me for 2 years to come out. Think about someone you can ask out even if it takes 2 years.

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