Heavy ruck morning

DATE: 2023-03-11
AO: Mor-Ruck-Ing
Q: bogey
PAX: Anchorman, CableGuy, Cena, Ice Tea, Lazlo, Legacy, Juneau, FIFA FNGs: None
Ruck inspection
1-minute breakdown of ruck contents (not your own)
130 burpee penalties incurred
2-minute ruck re-pack (own)
Performed 63 burpees before start of ruck (completed 70 burpees after ruck) HRPUs

Approx 4mi heavy ruck
4x 60# sandbags
2x 44# sand kettlebells
PAX practiced carrying and passing sandbags and kettlebells
Started with 6min carries, then 4 minute carries, then found 3 minute carries did the trick
PAX did a great job communicating on sandbag handoffs, keeping tight formation, and navigating a busy bike trail

Move from heavy ruck straight into ruck + sandbag PT at #thesandlot. Strong!

Burpee penalties are no joke.
Pack the mandatory items, or pay the man!

COT: Great work. Time for PT.

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