Kickball, Koupons and Krawls

DATE: 2023-03-10
AO: Sparta
Q: Doodles
PAX: Zeus, Bluegrass, Gadget, Lightyear, K-Pop, Monk
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Arm Circles, MH, Cherry Pickers, Down Dog, World’s Greatest Stretch, Child’s pose, Hip Flexors and full lap mosey.
THE THANG: A version of Kickball – Divided into 2 teams. Team on field – Must all carry coupons every where they go. Elect pitcher and can replace him as needed. Before each pitch all PAX do 1 Burpee. Team at bat – Batter kicks ball and after 1 burpee Bear Crawl’s to first base, Crab crawl to second base, Plank walk to third base, Bear Crawl to home. On-Deck Pax does curls until turn, In-the-hole does Alternating Merkins on block, bench warmer does overhead press. All PAX do 1 Burpee at each pitch.
Rules: Play ends once ball is placed on pitchers cone. Any basecrawler is out when ball is placed on cone before crawler has reached base of destination. If he elects to take base and does not make it there before other team places ball on cone then out. Some Pax elected to touch base if close enough and this was allowed.
Rule #1 – 5 run mercy rule for each inning results in three 50 yard sprints for the defense team while other team mosey – Rule never had to be used.
Rule #2 – Arguing with Umpire results in 10 Blockees – Rule never had to be used. Only a few close plays which instant replay in Q’s mind revealed the actual result.
Lost track of final score but I think team 2 won but ran out of time for team 1 (Home team) to get final at bat but no one complained.
MARY: Flutter kicks, Iron Crosses, LBCs, one more exercise the Q can’t remember at the moment. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Grow Ruck, Dad’s camp.
COT: Q was reflecting on Saturn so close to earth in night sky recently which lead to thinking about the galaxy and the galaxy beyond the galaxy and the infinite number of galaxies leads to understanding eternity. Even though difficult for the modern mind to comprehend, eternity is not that hard to consider. If we really think about it, we all believe in eternity. Take a moment to think about our place in time, space and in all eternity today despite all that might being going in our daily lives. And prayed.

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