Chaos – Arlington style (so just a little bit)

DATE: 2023-03-03
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: 3 mile
PAX: Magoo, Poe, Kodiak, citrus, Legacy, Fish Fry, sticks, Mr. Hand, Jag FNGs: attache
WARMUP: SSH, arm circles, imp walkers, cherry pickers, WMH, down dog, up dog THE THANG:
Mosey to yorktown coliseum
Stops along the way: 10 merkins, 10 calf raises,= 10 squats, 10 monkey humpers, lunges (varied counts to introduce chaos and annoy/confuse pax) Intermittent sprints
At coliseum. 3 sets of 10 each
Box jumps + dips
Decline merkins + Step ups
20 bulgarian split squats
In between sets … group A does SSH IC then plank group B runs to stairs, 10 aussie pushups Jog back to Horizon with stops (burpees and merkins); intermittent sprints ANNOUNCEMENTS: dadscamp, backpacking trip, Grow Ruck
COT: order and chaos; we strive for order in our lives – schedules, calendars, to-do lists … our souls also crave chaos. For me, it’s playing basketball like a maniac. I realized recently that it feeds my soul. As we end our winter hibernation, aspire to be wild in some aspect of your life (while respecting the laws of society 🙂

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