Tackle the Marine Obstacle Course (Modified)

DATE: 2023-03-01
AO: Compound
Q: Zeus
PAX: Poe, Peanuts, Roddick, Snake (Will Harris), citrus, Doodles, Hightower, Popeyes FNGs: Wapner
WARMUP: SSH, Cherry Pickers, Arm circles, Willie Mays Hayes, Downward Dog, Kobra Kai, 3 other stretches THE THANG:

Thang 1: 12-8-4
12 Merkins into 12 Bigg Boyz, 8 Merkins into 8 Bigg Boyz, 4 Merkins 4 Bigg Boyz. Partner up. Mosey and to all four corners of the soccer field and do the 12-8-4. Each partner takes turn on count. Thang 2:
The timer completes a modified Marine inspired fitness course: Four light sticks spread apart on field.
#1 light stick – Farmer carry two thirty-five pound dumbbells 15 yards and drop off at #2 light stick. Execute 15 step ups at nearby cement step. Bear crawl to #3 light stick. Sprint to #4 light stick and execute 5 burpees. Run back to light stick #2 and shuffle while farmer carrying dumbbells back to light stick #1. (Person calls out exercise for the rest of PAX to do while they wait for their turn. Lots of cheering was to to encourage person doing obstacle course) please note: Snake never put down the dumbbells. He used them k. The step ups, bear crawl, sprints and burpees. Respect!! MARY: Lots of Ab exercises
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Popeyes is hosting a PAX get together. See his announcement posted on each channel. Grow-ruck. Hightower will be stepping down as Nantan. See his farewell letter posted on F3 channel.
COT: Thanks all for coming out. Thanks all that DM’d, texted and held me in their thoughts while I was out for two weeks with a virus. My cousin Lynett DuPree recently suddenly passed away. She was an actress. Had roles on the following shows: Law and Order, Scandal, How to get away with murder, NYPD Blue and Shameless, and Grace and Frankie just to name a few. Our families were very close and I will miss her. Her death reminded me of the Passage James 4:14 that talks about how our lives are like a vapor. We are here for a moment and then we vanish never to return. I encourage each of you to live your life like Lynette, with zeal and love for the people on this earth. For we never know when our time will come. Amen

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