Shall we play a game?

DATE: 2023-02-28
AO: General
Q: citrus
PAX: Lazlo, 2 percent, Booking, Moneyball, Hard Knox
FNGs: None
THE WARMUP: SSH, Don Quixote, WMH, cherry pickers, whatever @Peanuts calls those arm crushers, Down Dog, world’s greatest stretch

Let’s play war! PAX divided into two teams, and YHC deftly split a deck of cards exactly in half (seriously – same number of cards in each pile. It was a top 10 accomplishment.). Each team drew a card, with standard rules of war deciding the winner. The winner go to choose to either: 1. Do the reps/exercises that both cards corresponded to, OR 2. Jump rope while the other team did the reps/exercises

Exercises were:
♥️ = lunges (IC)
♦️ = toy soldiers (IC)
♠️ = merkins
♣️ = tempo squats
JOKER = 10 burpees for the team that flipped it, plus they have to draw another card (later modified to 10 burpees for the team that pulled it and 9 burpees for the team that didn’t – because somebody’s gotta win)

Suprisingly, teams didn’t always choose jumping rope. YHC misread that one. But, whatevs.

With just 6 cards remaining in each pile and time running out, YHC called “last round”. And as if by divine providence (3rd F) – we had our first War! As everyone knows, there are no winners in war, so the team with the higher final card got to choose which pile they wanted to do, but they had to choose *before* flipping the 3 down cards.

MARY: LBCs, flutter kicks, american hammers (and *almost* toy soldiers, but Lazlo kept his joke to himself. You had to be there.)

ANNOUNCEMENTS: GrowRuck, Dads’ Camp – check Slack

COT: YHC’s oldest is off to college next year, which is exciting and depressing. In an effort to create space for meaningful time together, YHC is making his kid find 30 minutes to do something together every week, even if it’s just running an errand. It’s not a lot of time, but it’s priceless.

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