Waterlogged But Not Under Water

DATE: 2023-02-28
AO: Atlantis
Q: Rambler
PAX: Hammerhead, Chuck Taylor, Infinity, Bratwurst, True North FNGs: King Tut
WARMUP: S-S-Hop, C-Pickers, W-M-Hayes, D-Dog, C-Kai, Merkins
THE THANG: Dice! 1. Roll Around. Hit all 6 die positions – rewards and penalties ensue. 2. Snake eyes, Sevens and Box Cars – reach 100 points first 3. Do or Die – team roller selects their reward 4. Hit and Run – accomplish all 11 dice positions – rewards and penalties to follow. MARY: LBCs, Dead Starfish, Legs/Core Lift
COT: Several seasons upon us – Lent – Reflection and shaking off bad habits / sacrifice, Spring – period of renewal – take advantage of this time to accomplish two things – 1. get out and hit another AO – let it refresh you / meet other PAX in the area, learn some new movements, etc. 2. Reflect on what you can change in your life now – sacrifice – to be better men and improve your engagement with you family, neighbors, co-workers.

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