Dam Bear Crawling Fun

DATE: 2023-02-25
AO: Olympus
Q: Pop Fly
PAX: Popeyes, Peanuts, Ashe, Gadget, YNAB, Nano
FNGs: 10-4, Red Baron
WARMUP: SSHs, Cherry Twists, Lunges, PUs, Downward Down, the world’s goodest stretch and the world’s greatest stretch

THE THANG: Mosey and Ricky Bobby over to the Lake. Along the way we stopped for step-ups (20) and Derkins (10)

Once at the dam, the PAX bear crawled up the dam wall 3 times. After that, the PAX ran down the hill and then proceeded to come back up the hill via the ‘Mt Everest’ technique – aka 3 lunges + 1 squat — all the way up the hill.

PAX mosey’d and ricky bobby’d back to Olympus. Along the way back, PAX performed a wall sit and had to share their favorite food. There was a 5 push-up penalty whenever someone gave a disingenuous answer. 4 rounds of penalties were handed out for less than truthful answers. Pax stopped along the way back from 20 more step ups

Pax arrived at final hill and decided that it needed bear crawling. So that happened. Then PAX conducted two relay races up same said hill with Team 2 being the superior team for sure.

MARY: Resistance LBCs, Plank Jumps, LBCs, 1 minute plank, row boats, mogul skiers, side planks, pickle pointers

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Upcoming 2F event at Mosaic

COT: St. Clair’s two rules for life that he shares with his kid: (1) Don’t be late, and (2) Don’t be last. If you can nail down those two things, half the battle is already over.

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