Time keeps on slipping

DATE: 2023-02-24
AO: Sparta
Q: Peanuts
PAX: Pop Fly, Doodles, Obadiah, Zeus, Bluegrass, I-Beam, Nano FNGs: None
WARMUP: ask Pop Fly
THE THANG: one of my favs. P1 moves around the track, P2 does reps and then catches up. P1 suffers while they await relief from P2, MARY: 6 minutes in Heaven
COT: So my last 2 Qs have been 1/2 Qs for me thanks to the efforts of Ashe and Pop Fly. Lot of discussion lately about the perilous of time. For someone who is regularly late, I truly understand how valuable time is. It has long been my enemy. When I was young I thought I would always have time to do everything. I couldn’t wait for time to hurry up. Now nothing moves slow enough and I never have time for anything. In both instances time was the enemy, I just never realized it as much when I was younger. Time is the great equalizer – it sees no race, class, or status. It has long been my belief that faith is the most impactful in the intangibles that equalize us and strip us down. In the end the intangibles truly make us who we are.

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