DATE: 2023-02-24
AO: Aerie
Q: Stewie
PAX: MacGruber, Rocketman, Passport
FNGs: None
-Mountain Climber (here the Q forgot how to count and almost lost speaking privileges for the rest of the week.) -Cherry Pickers
-Spiderman squats
-1/2 field Mosey

GTE inspired prequals – IC
butterfly sit ups x50
Hand release merkinsx50

All rifle pop carry to Pain Station #1
Countorama. evens are 0 start w/out coupon, odds are 1 start with coupon. Q assigns Pax to lead cadence/downs in opposite group.

Say hello to Fat Cindy, 12×16 inches of CMU pain. Q starts out with her and Pax rotate at each Pain Station passing on the responsibility (similar to F3 leadership).

Pain station1 IC
– Q starts out with Fat Cindy
– 1’s thrusters (till 100% group 0 returns)
– 0‘s MoM to PS2 – Bear Crawl return (Al Goring it till all return.) 100 yds – Flapjack
– All rifle carry to PS2

Q lost his Pain Station balls due to the wind. After 100 yds of bearcrawls and thrusting Fat Cindy we quickly appreciated that the Painstations where no longer as far as originally planned.

Pain station2
– 1’s vertical coupon bench press
– 0’s MoM to PS3 – butt kicker/ high knees Al Goring it till all return. – Flapjack
– All suitcase carry to PS3

Pain station3
– 1 Bent over row
– 0 MoM to PS4 – lunge return and Al Goring it till all return. – Flapjack
– All suitcas carry opp hand to PS4

Pain station4
– 1 curls for gurls
– 0 MoM to PS1 – broad jump return and Al Goring it till all return. – Flapjack

MARY: No time for Mary, Cindy took all the glory.

Celebrated completion of all Pain Stations with anti-climatic Splashing Merlot by the Q. (As in ‘where‘d did Stewie go?… I think hes puking, keep stretching’)


-Sat March11 2.0 workout … details to come, suggestions time? Aerie or another park?
– Weekly ruck preps in March for the GTE35 starting March4 8pm to midnight. Check with Hightower for details. – March 18 Hagrids place for log splitting
– March 24-26.GTE35 not too late! All PAX not just Ruckers- breakfast and leadership a must. – Shenandiah ruck in April (Mincemeat)
– Book club (Passport)
– Memorial Day, May29 the Murph. In June, F3 The Capital anniversary. September 11, the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. The week of Veterans Day, the Grunt. 2F events like Dad’s Camp June2-4 in Front Royal, Family Picnic, Ruck and Float

Words of Wisdom
“Leadership is communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly that they come to see it in themselves.” Stephen Covey Read his books:
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
The 8th Habit

Its a time for heightened awareness that sin separates us from God and of what it cost Him to be reunited with us. We are all sinners and flawed. So, leading up to Easter, even if you dont acknowledge Lent, identify something that makes you flawed and make a commitment to change.

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