First Time for Everything

DATE: 2023-02-22
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Purple Rain
PAX: Kodiak, Fish Fry, Disco, Mr Haand, SPINAL TAP, Trifecta, 2 percent, Median FNGs: Attache, DR Pivot
WARMUP: Willie Mays Hays, Cherry pickers, Side straddle hop, Imperial walkers, Chair pose, Downward dog,, Upward dog, Childs pose, Fellowship lap
THE THANG: pair up Dora style (plank); 50 Blockees – run to fence; 100 Coupon squats – karaoke 50; 100 Merkins – bear crawl 50; 150 Seal claps – Frankenstein 50; 75 tricep bench – skip 50; 100 block curls – murder bunnies 50; 100 Chest press – run fence

MARY: 30 LBC, 15 Box cutters, 9 (!) flutter kicks
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Grow Ruck coming up in March. See the grow ruck channel. Dad’s Camp June 2-4 at Shenandoah River State Park. See Dad’s Camp channel.
COT: Ash Wednesday, reflect on your Faith; for Christians, reflect on the character of Jesus, kindness and connection

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