It’s Molson Time

DATE: 2023-02-22
AO: Farm
Q: Rambler
PAX: Sparky, Matthew – Running Man, Faceplant, Infinity
FNGs: None
WARMUP: s-s-hop, w-m-hays, c-pickers, b-a-circles, d-dog, c-kai
THE THANG: the dice keep rolling… 1. hit & run 2. snake eyes, sevens and boxcars, 3. do or die MARY: LBCs, Dead Starfish
ANNOUNCEMENTS: GRE, Dad’s Camp, New rucking group emerging at the farm – see infinity for details. also please reflect on if your are ready to stand up and take the lead at your AO. it’s time to rotate Qs over the next several months. step up and take a leadership role.
COT: it’s the Lenten season. regardless of your faith…recognizing how you can use sacrifice to make yourself a better leader and man. reflect on something in your life that …without it..would /could incrementally improve yourself to be a better man…a better leader in your community…a father in your home.

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