The Usual Time

DATE: 2023-02-20
AO: Patriot
Q: Ice Tea
PAX: My Space, Crafty, Legacy, Strange Brew, bogey, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Wedding Singer, Booking, 2 percent, Smokey FNGs: Pilgrim
WARMUP: SSH, IBAC, Don Quixote, Burpees, WMH, Downward Dog, CK

THE THANG: After a fellowship lap, PAX lined up on the goal line and completed 4 rounds of the following: – SSH x 25
– High Knees x 15
– Coupon Squats x 30
– Merkins x 20
– American Hammers x 25
– Curls x 15
– High plank hold :30
– Fellowship lap to cap-off the 4th rotation

MARY: WWI, Mtn. climbers, donkey kicks & fire hydrants & hamstring stretch

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Grow Ruck is coming up. It’s not too late, but also it may be too late. If you are training please don’t overdo it an injure yourself.

COT: Q shared some personal challenges that his family went through last night. Remember to listen to what they are sharing with you. Love and support are what matter most, not advice.

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