Playing the Odds w Rambler

DATE: 2023-02-20
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: Rambler
PAX: sticks, SPINAL TAP, Trifecta, CableGuy, Old Bay, Lazlo, Gherkin, Median, Disco, 3 mile, Fish Fry, Flipper FNGs: Attache, Kombucha
WARMUP: S-S-Hop, W-M-Hayes, C-Pickers, D-Dog, C-Kai
THE THANG: Rambler Custom Dice Games: 1. Roll around, 2. Snake-eyes, Sevens, Boxcars 3. Do or Die MARY: LBCs, Dead Starfish
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Engage with the broader F3 Community. Commit to get out to other AOs and expand your network – shake-up your routine. We want you out there and you need to get out there. Also – it was the anniversary for John Glenn’s orbit around Earth – too late to recognize -but putting it out here! COT:

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