Cindy in the rain

DATE: 2023-02-17
AO: Sparta
Q: Nano
PAX: Rambler, Peanuts, Hightower, Pop Fly, Doodles
FNGs: Pilgrim
WARMUP: SSH, WMH, cherry pickers, Rockettes.

THE THANG: Taking cover from the rain, the pax went to the large benches at Sparta. Here they started a round of 11’s with 10 box jumps, and one each of the following: one row, curl, overhead press, and a tricep extension. Hold plank when done and wait for pax. Next round began with a merkin and this continued until they finished there 1 box jump and 10 reps.

Round 2: The PAX circled up and did an exercise with the Cindy while one split off for a short run in the rain.

Exercises included:
Rows, curls, squats, lunges, overhead press, calf raises (for Popfly) and some merkins.

MARY: Gas pumpers, pickle pointers and pounders (not at the same time), supermans, and some dips.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Road clean-up Sunday at 0700-0900 from Sparta.

COT: My daughter has had some fears (justifiably so) off doing her round-off back handspring in gymnastics. When I asked her about it, she started asking if I was and then started crying and was sad that I was mad or disappointed in her.

In reality, she was just fearful of a very scary thing and was using this made up argument as a way to avoid talking about her real problems. Her fear if the activity. I think we all do this in one way or another, maybe not with tears or a distraction, but with jokes or other things that shift the conversation.

Facing our fears and accepting the hard challenges, often will make our lives much harder. But in the end, it is these challenges that give our lives meaning and purpose. This message seemed to resonate well with my daughter so I thought I’d share with you.

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