Rambler’s Manifest Destiny

DATE: 2023-02-15
AO: Aerie
Q: Rambler
PAX: Lonestar, Yellow Jacket, Stewie, Rocketman
FNGs: Mad Money
WARMUP: S-s-hop, C-pickers, w-m-hays, M-phelps, d-dog, c-kai THE THANG: rolling on with more dice games. 1. Do or Die, 2. Roll Around MARY: LBC’S, Dead Starfish
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sparta road clean up sun, GTE, wood chopping in March, Dad’s camp June 2 weekend.
COT: over the last couple weeks I have been traveling around different AOs. it’s been very fulfilling and has re-energized my engagement. I highly encourage all of you to visit a new AO or an AO you haven’t been to in a while and connect with the broader community. this group has been transformative for me and I believe it can be transformative for all of you. welcome to FNG Mad Money. has been on a long road to physical recovery and we are all hopeful engagement with F3 will help with that recovery.

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