“Not a Running Workout”

DATE: 2023-02-11
AO: Olympus
Q: Juneau
PAX: Obadiah, Nano, Peanuts, YNAB, Doodles, Rollingstone, Popeyes FNGs: Kittles, DR: Average Joe, Roll Cage
WARMUP: SSH, Cherry Pickers, Michael Phelps, Imperial Walkers, Wiley Mays Hays
THE THANG: Start moseying around the school completing various exercises along the way: -wall sits with lunges to the end of the line
-backwards run to the benches: declined merkins, step ups, inclined merkins, dips
-turn over to Peanuts: sprints, one sided karaoke, and a bunch of curb workouts to include monkey humpers. -Mosey to the field
-ultimate frisbee with burpees and exercises in between scores MARY: none
ANNOUNCEMENTS: GTE35, thanks to Average Joe and Roll Cage for bringing the water buffalo for the GTE
COT: F3 is a community that looks after each other, rely on this community during rough times and share the happy times.

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