Love (the last meal you’re with)

DATE: 2023-02-14
AO: Atlantis
Q: Hammerhead
PAX: Grease Monkey, Infinity, Deflator, Bratwurst, True North FNGs: None
WARMUP: Village Green:

19 SSH’s
19 steam engines (imp walkers)
19 don quixotes
19 warrior stance trunk stretch
19 Overhead Claps
19 chopper burpees

THE THANG: Delta Pier Loop w/ Bear Crawl 19X2

Wheelbarrow Runs, 19X
Derkins, 19X
Hands Reversed Pushups, 19X

Unter Der Bruecke:

19 Dips
19 CHINups/ Flexed arm hang
19 Delta Dry Docks
19 Dumbbell Triceps Extns

Tabata 30/10 (Wall elbow fulcrums)
8 rds

MARY: Tabata 20/10 (Flutterkicks w/DB rotos)
8 rds

Return to Village Green: 19 more to comemmorate Ted Lerner, Nats owner of 19 years, including the 2019 World Champs

10 Star Jumps + 9 Jump Squats

ANNOUNCEMENTS: CPR Certification coming to a town near you…so stay tuned!

COT: Momento Mori. Be Men of Action. Let’s live ready to die, preparing instead of wasting precious time. (but Carpe Diem when it comes to your Last Meal!)

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