DV Ruck

DATE: 2023-02-13
AO: Mondaynightruckers
Q: Stewie
PAX: Rocketman, Tron, Raven, Stewie
FNGs: None
WARMUP: nope, we got right to it!
THE THANG: 5.22mi under load on paved surfaces.
MARY: nope
1. Shenandoah ruck in April via Mincemeat.
2. Discussed strategy to increase PAX participation and FNG outreach. 3. Stay tuned to channel for possible ruck/beatdown combo on Saturdays.
COT: “The commitment of the decision-maker is more important than the quality of the decision.”- Dr. Theodore Rubin

Closing prayer & prayer request.

Special thanks to Rocketman for all his hard work and dedication for starting this AO over a year ago and bringing F3 to our neck of the woods and keeping this great thing going. Since Since I started with F3 not long ago (via Chasqui- thanks brother!), Ive seen positive changes in my personal life and have seen the impact it has on those who also embrace it.

To be in line with F3 core principles, Site Q responsibility is expected to rotate annually and I was presented this exciting opportunity and have accepted. As the new MNR Site Q I will do my best to preserve what Rocketman started and grow this legacy. Referring to the COT above, Im not an OG or the most knowledgable in all things F3, but Ill be dedicated to Monday Nights (and beyond). I might not have great decisions or ideas, but Ill show up regularly so you can tell me exactly what you think and we’ll grow together.

You da man Rocketman! SYITG

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