Breaking & Entering. The Dice Can’t Be Stopped.

DATE: 2023-02-14
AO: General
Q: Rambler
PAX: 2 percent, Lazlo, Moneyball, Ice Tea, Fairweather, XL, Traveler, Hard Knox, Toolbox FNGs: None
WARMUP: walk with block, s-s-hop, c-pickers, w-m-hays, d-dog, c-kai
THE THANG: Keep the dice rolling! Rambler’s custom dice games. 1. Snake Eyes, sevens, boxcars. 2. Do or Die. 3. Hit & Run. MARY: LBC’S, Dead Starfish
ANNOUNCEMENTS: GTE, Roadcleanup – aisle Sparta – Sun 7-9
COT: today is Valentine’s Day. an opportunity to reflect on how important your special lady or ladies are in your life and the impact they make for you – could be your wife, your mother’s your sisters, your grandmother’s, your lovers. take a moment to reflect on them and make a point to show appreciation for all that they do and all the support they provide to you. find a way to enhance your relationship with them as you go through the rest of the month.

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