Rambler’s Travelling Q

DATE: 2023-02-13
AO: Patriot
Q: Rambler
PAX: citrus, Wedding Singer, Bone, Anchor Man, Passport, Strange Brew, CableGuy, Boiler, Legacy, bogey, Wallace, Smokey FNGs: None
WARMUP: s-s-hop, w-m-hays, c-pickers, b-a-circles, d-dog, c-kai
THE THANG: Let em roll! Rambler’s dice games: 1. hit & run, 2. roll around, 3. roll baby roll. MARY: lbc’s, dead starfish
ANNOUNCEMENTS: boneathon coming soon (not really), road cleanup presidents day weekend Sunday 7-9am @sparta, grow ruck coming up in Mar.
COT: recently I’ve been challenged with the concept of celebrity and just the overall posture towards putting athletes, actors, politicians etc on a pedestal – even including major sporting or other events. it was great to see yesterday how the country comes around a major event to celebrate dash but at times it seems like we go beyond – we take it too far. and in that process I believe we marginalize everyone that’s showing up to the day and moving through their own struggles and challenges and we need to be careful that we don’t forget everyone matters, everyone is a celebrity, everyone is overcoming a personal adversity. I want to recognize everyone for coming out this morning and to keep coming out – you don’t need to be a celebrity to be important and be careful to not put others on a pedestal.

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